Custom Muzzleloaders

All custom guns are made with maple or cherry wood from Perry County, Pennsylvania.  The wood varies from being plain to having some curl, or having lots of striping and curl throughout, depending on what wood I have available for use at that specific time.  If  I do not have anything in stock to your liking, I can purchase a blank through a supplier. I have some stump wood available for stocks as well.  All of my wood is quarter-sawed and air dried for several years before being kiln dried. If you have a piece of wood you would be interested in using, I  can take a look at it and see if it would be suitable for use as a gunstock..

The locks I use are R. E. Davis. I have used different locks and this is the best lock I have  seen.

I am also casting my own brass furniture from molds that I have made from original rifles.

All barrels are made by Rice Barrel Company, a small barrel manufacturer located in North Carolina.  Barrels are either 36" or 44" long, but custom lengths can be acquired.  Calipers are as follows:  .32, .36, .40, .45, .50, .54, .58 and .62.

All rifles are hand made and take around a month to complete, if I have all the parts. The barrels take around 6 weeks to make. All my rifles are made to specifically fit the customer. I measure the trigger pull on all my customers and incorporate the measurement into the rifle. I can also incorporate cast off into the rifle. I glass bed all barrels into the stocks, not only for accuracy but to strengthen the fragile stock area near the muzzle. All rear sights are placed where the customers vision is clearest.

Every rifle is different so there is no set price. All rifles are quoted a price depending on what the customer wants. Payment is $400.00 down to get a rifle scheduled  . All rifles must be paid in full, upon receiving the rifle. I also take a payment plan too. When the first $400.00 is received then building the rifle will begin. Depending on how many rifles I have to make, influences the timeline on getting your specific rifle finished. 

I also do repairs on muzzleloaders. I can do anything from rebrowning metal parts, installing missing silver inlays too checking to see if  the rifle could still be shot safely or I could also tell you if you shouldn't do anything, but a good cleaning.

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